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Slack was built for small to medium-sized teams but many people (including us) are using it to build communities. The tricky part is inviting people at scale. Slack requires you to manually invite each person or batch upload a csv of email addresses. There's no way to just give someone a link to join. I'm curious if Slack builds something like this in-house. They're so focused on companies (and have tons of opportunity to grow into large enterprises), so this probably isn't a focus of theirs, at least not for the next year but cc'ing a few people that know 😉 @stewart @buster @aunder. P.S. Join our Product Hunt Friends Slack. 😸
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@rrhoover @stewart @buster @aunder I think it makes sense for Slack to consider how to deal with communities as many are using them for their go-to place to communicate (evidence on Hamster Pad!). But as their focus from the start has been the way companies use Slack then it may have gone on the back-burner for the time being. I love Hamster Pad but when initially trying to set up some chats I'm a part of the permissions that are requested include 'Accessing all information from the Slack', 'Administering your team' and others of that nature. This can be scary for some people. I understand that unfortunately this is down to Slack's bundling of permissions and I think they will break this up soon, especially with the increase of integrations/bots using Slack and appearing on the Slack App Directory. Permissions can be make or break for a user to use a particular service. I trust the peeps at Hamster Pad but this may not be the case for a lot of new products especially.
@bentossell @rrhoover @stewart @buster @aunder totally agree in regards to permissions. If we could ask for less right now, we would. The only reason we're asking for so many is because that's how the Slack API works at the moment and we wanted to be sure we could provide a seamless experience for everyone on Hamster Pad (p.s To anyone from Slack reading this, we actually love your API and your documentation. There are just a few things here and there that could help us provide a better Oauth experience). I have seen other Slack apps actually request the user to directly hand over their Slack API Token, completely bypassing Slack Oauth implementation. This is incredibly scary because when you hand over that API token you are literally giving the app access to EVERYTHING and you have no way to revoke it. Slack admins: Be very wary of applications that ask you for your API key.
@mattprd @rrhoover @stewart @buster @aunder yeah it would be awesome to unbundle the permissions or any way to make them less 'scary' for users to accept. But I trust you Matt and have added a few Slack groups 😛
@bentossell @rrhoover @stewart @buster @aunder 🙌 Boom! It would also be awesome if there was a place in the Slack Oauth where we could write out specifically why we are asking for the permissions we are asking for. We are all about being as transparent as possible, I would hate for someone to not want to use Hamster Pad because they get scared off by permissions.
In the early days of the internet, before the iPhone, eBay, and even Harry Potter, chatrooms were king. These chatrooms, found on places like AOL, Yahoo, and IRC, were incredibly simple. All you had was a username. No profile, no nothing. Then something happened. Social networks dethroned chat as the number one way to socialize online. Suddenly people had profiles, friends, interests, pictures. A huge evolutionary step from the chatrooms where all you had was a username. For years now, social networks have completely overshadowed chatrooms as the number one way to communicate with people.  But, we’ve noticed something. Something super interesting. Chatrooms are on the rise. Hundreds of thousands of chatrooms have been created in the past couple years, with millions of people having real time conversations in them every day. And it’s growing, super fast. These chats aren’t just companies talking to each other either. These are communities who are choosing to interact in real time rather than on a forum or social network like Facebook or Twitter. There are chats about startups, fasting, podcasts, coffee, psychedelics, and even Portland.  But chatrooms still have a lot of problems. We thought we’d go ahead and fix them: 1) Chatrooms are difficult to find. 2) Chatrooms are difficult to join. 3) You have no idea what chatrooms your friends are in. This is why we have created Hamster Pad, the social network for chats. We have created a destination where you can find new chats, join chats, and see which chats your friends are in. We are starting by focusing on Slack chats. We want to find every single community that’s using Slack. If you have a community you run on Slack, or you want to find cool chats, we’d love for you to join. We are super excited to meet you. We can’t wait to discover all the incredible real-time communities that exist in the world. p.s. Let us know what other features you would like! There are so many cool things we've already thought of, but we want to hear from you before we define the roadmap.
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@mattprd Great job on Hamster Pad. Glad to see the Grey Fedora community on there!
@mattprd how many #irc converts do you have?
Awesome product @mattprd! 🚀 I was just making my own hack to get new fellows come more easily into the Startup France slack community (http://startupfrance.co) with Typeform, somehow like the way @levelsio did with #nomads but in Meteor... and someone in the community just told me about Hamster Pad! I'm stoked about what you build, and I can't wait to get the verification email in the inbox to add our community on Hamster Pad. Voilà, merci! 🙏
@xavizalote @levelsio XAVIER! I am so excited for Startup France to be on Hamster Pad. It is blowing my mind at how global Hamster Pad is already becoming already just after one day. Let me know how we can make your life as a Slack admin better, we're ready to build your ideas.
Yes, this is awesome guys! Just started a slack community a few weeks ago (www.sporttechiehq.com) and its going extremely well. After we have a solid amount of users we sent around a google form to get feedback from everyone and one of the top things that everyone wanted was a directory to see all of the members in the community. This is basically that and its awesome! The only thing you should add is the ability to see the users bio on Hamster Pad.
@troy_ruediger Hey Troy!! We're super excited to have you on Hamster Pad, it's a great value for the rest of the community. Bios next to chat members is a great idea! Adding that to our todo list now.
@mattprd Awesome, thanks Matt! I just shared with the community and asked for feedback so I will make sure to let you know if we come up with anything else! Really excited to see the new features!
Congrats on the PH launch @mattprd and Hamster Pad team! The center of a modern community will be a chatroom like Slack. I organized an Intermittent Fasting / Biohacking group called WeFast (https://wefa.st) at the start of the year, and it just made sense to host it primarily on Slack - lightweight, but synchronous; conversational and collaborative. We now have 250+ people reporting in, talking science, and meeting up in real life. This is super cool. Discovery of these communities does not exist and I'm glad that HamsterPad is solving this problem. We were lucky enough to be one of the beta communities on HamsterPad, and I hope they realize their vision of becoming the discovery portal to great groups of people. P.S. If you want to not eat for 36+ hours a week for adult neurogenesis and longevity biomarker benefits, talk autophagy during ketosis, or learn what all that jargon means, come check us out at https://join.wefa.st
@geoffreywoo Thank you so much for the kind words Geoffrey, it really means a lot to us and inspires us to innovate faster. When I look at Slack chats I see a situation similar to what the internet looked like before search engines. Lots of websites, lots of awesome content, but nobody indexing it and connecting everything. Our goals: - Constantly improve discovery of new chat communities. - Constantly make managing a Slack chat easier and more effective. - Constantly improve the experience of being in 1, or many, Slack chats. What you see on Hamster Pad today is the very very early beginnings of a much larger vision. You rock, thank you for being in our beta and being such a vocal supporter of what we're creating. We really are nothing without you and everyone else in the community.