Hamoni Sync

Real-time application state/data synchronisation

Hamoni Sync is a real-time service that allows you store and synchronise data/application state. With it, you don't have to design real-time state logic from scratch.

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Hi! I’m Peter and I’ve been a developer for more than 7 years and I’m happy to share with you my first product! Over the years I’ve worked with real-time systems and most of it involved the repetitive effort of designing real-time logic from scratch. To solve this, I thought of building something that enables me: - Add real-time synchronization to any app with ease - Avoid designing synchronisation logic from scratch, and handling what happens when a client disconnects or reconnects - An SDK that I can integrate into mobile and web apps - A service that handles the infrastructure concerns That lead me to build Hamoni Sync. Hamoni Sync is a real-time service that allows you store and synchronise data/application state. It’s easy to integrate and persists the synchronised data in the cloud, allowing you to use it as your single source of truth for real-time apps. Gracefully handles devices going offline and re-synchronises data when online. With these features out of the box, you can ship real-time applications faster and reduce development cost. Currently, only JavaScript SDK is available, but Java and Swift SDK will be ready soon. Also working on integrations for Redux and Vuex. I’d love to get feedback and I’m happy to answer questions 🙏📿
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@p_mbanugo Awesome stuff Peter. Happy to see how much progress has gone into this from the first Lagos Product Hunt Hackathon meetup back in November. cc @rrhoover @yelebademosi
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@rrhoover @yelebademosi @captspacely Thanks Seun. Highly appreciated
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I'm happy to see this project launching. Congratulations to you @p_mbanugo, this product is amazing. I wish you good luck.
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Congrats on the launch Peter! So this seems similar to Firebase or AWS AppSync. How is Hamoni Sync different and how is it better?
@beedesignllc They're similar in that you can achieve the similar thing using any of them. I believe Hamoni Sync stands out better in terms of: 1. It's easy to integrate. You only need to sign up to get IDs which you'll use to generate token for sdk authentication. From there on you just create and edit data. Nothing complex. With Appsync, you define schemas and queries. Takes some longer steps to finally get the app working. I think Firebase is easier to get started with than Appsync 2. You only retrieve and get updates to the data you choose. They don't all come down the wire unlike Firebase. I'm not sure how Appsync works in this regard as I haven't gone deep with it. 3. Handles conflict in a different manner than Firebase. First write to the server wins while other write with the same data revision fails. You get to see these errors from the dashboard. 4. It's lightweight. 20kb when minified and gzipped, unlike Firebase which is over 200kb. Firebase is a database on it's own, but Hamoni doesn't intend to be. I'd liken it also to Pusher & PubNub. It differs from those two in that you don't need to create or architect message distribution logic from scratch and no need to add a persistence layer on top of it when working with Hamoni Sync. So it gives you the advantage of not designing state logic with persistence from scratch.
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