Halo 5: Guardians

Master Chief returns, natch. Focus on co-op and big battles.

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I'm geeking out here. I've killed sooo many hours playing Halo (cc @grizzwithak). We'll have to throw some LAN parties once this drops on October 27. @russfrushtick I'm curious how livestreaming will play into Halo 5.
@rrhoover it looks cool. But i was burned by Halo MCC. I'll wait to see if multiplayer is playable
@rrhoover sign me up for the LAN party
@rrhoover Been playing Halo for 10 years, would love to play in a LAN party.
@rrhoover Unfortunately Halo 5 won't support split screen or LAN play. (LAN might be a limitation of the Xbox One). That being said, the old games hold up very well and make it to our regular rotation in our Oakland-Primarily-Halo-Based-LANs. *Edit: It's possible the game supports split screen multiplayer, just not split screen co-op. **Edit: Probably super well known but worth posting: no split screen whatsoever in this game.
@rrhoover YES! Can't wait. Hopefully I'll improve from my terrible play on the beta tho...
Meeting with Microsoft in 30 mins to check out their E3 demo. Let me know if there's anything you want me to ask!
@russfrushtick What did you think of the new mode? How many players are there and how many AI? Is the AI any good? Titanfall had AI but they were usually pretty shit opponents.
@samhouston @russfrushtick Loved the new mode. Some impressions in one of the comments below. It's 12v12 plus the AI dudes. AI uses the same Halo AI that you see in the campaign, so it's pretty solid, definitely way more interesting than the Titanfall AI, and there's more of a reward for going after the larger AI dudes.
In the WarGames Vidoc 343 gave a bit more info about the weapon drop system, it looks like a combo of meta-game leveling and in-match leveling. It might be cool, but I was worried by the designers line "instead of sitting in the spot where the scorpion will spawn, I bring my own scorpion"—The best Halo games relied on weapon and vehicle placement in conjunction with map design to make the map part of the match. Newer games have forgettable maps in part because there isn't a 'shotgun spot' or 'blue snipe/red snipe' etc. I played the beta and had a ton of fun, but the map movement (that I remember) was almost all done via scoring system (territories style gameplay) rather than creative tactics. Part of the fun of older Halo games was being able to outsmart people that were better than you, good players with snipers were easy to beat if you teamed up on them in close quarters, good rocket players were weak with long range combat, and so on. All that being said, my hope is that Halo 2 :: Halo 3 as Halo 4 :: Halo 5.
@willimholte Yeah, so I just played Warzone, that mode they talked about in the ViDoc. I actually enjoyed it way more than I thought I would. Regarding your vehicle concerns, you actually still can only get weapons and vehicles at specific points on the map. What they were referring to was that you can spend currency (earned throughout a single match) to call in your own stuff at those points, rather than a random spawn. I found the combo of PvE fighting and PvP control and capture stuff super interesting. I think the squad tactics you were hoping for in the beta will show up a lot more here.
@russfrushtick I'm really interested in the PvE/PvP stuff you mentioned. I don't know if it's ever been done in a game before, but I certainly haven't seen it. As for the location for spending currency, I'm going to keep an open mind and I think I understand their reasoning for doing it, but my instinct is to say that map defined weapon/vehicle drops makes the map more interesting than player defined. But yeah, I'm sure my opinion will change after playing it for a hundred hours :)
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How will DLC play a role?
@andythegiant they haven't really talked about it yet. Probably a pretty standard DLC plan, if I had to guess. Season pass, etc.
@russfrushtick @andythegiant http://www.ign.com/articles/2015... — The multiplayer map DLC will be free, which is awesome news.