Halfdollar is a free spreadsheet budgeting template built for collaboration. It enables you to manually log transactions of varying frequencies, then calculates leftover amounts, plan to actual comparisons, and predict annual forecasts.
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Hey everyone, here is Halfdollar – a free spreadsheet budgeting tool with many features to help meet your individual budgeting needs. It's shareable, easy to log and organize your transactions, and helps you predict what the each month and the entire year will look like financially. There's something about manually logging and handling your budget when it comes to your finances. You decide exactly how everything is labeled and categorized, and can constantly see what is coming in, going out, and what is leftover. I've worked really hard to get this to a point that I'm ready to share. Please join the Slack community if you would like and give some feedback, ideas, or just chat about budgeting. I hope you find Halfdollar useful for you and are able to get your budget set up and ready for the new year. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me anywhere. Thank you, enjoy!
Congrats! What do you do with the information users log in?
@inbal_a Thanks! Actually, since users create a copy of the template, that spreadsheet is completely owned by the user. It's your own private document that no one else ever sees unless you share it with them. You also don't have to enter in any information to get the free template, so nothing is ever collected or stored.
@jonaaust Thank you! Join the Slack community if you want and let me know if you have any questions or thoughts as you build out your budget.
@dmtors Nice. Making a budget has been a "todo" of mine for quite some time now, this might just be what I needed to get started. Is there an easy way to covert the doc from $ to a different currency?
@jonaaust That's great. It's a good end of year/new year item to do. What currency are you looking for? You can format the currency to be whatever you need in Google Sheets under format, more, custom currencies. But if you would like, I can set up a custom budget for you in the currency you need.
@dmtors That would be fantastic! Holy smokes. I'd love to be able to use NOK.
@jonaaust Thanks for making the suggestion. Here is a version of the template in NOK. Let me know if this works or if I missed anything. https://docs.google.com/spreadsh...
This is awesome! Great job Derek.
@jonny_goodwin Thanks! It's great to hear from you. I hope you're doing well.
How does this compare with tillerhq.com isn't tiller much better?
@avi_lang Hey thanks for your comment. I hadn't heard of Tiller before, but it looks like a great product. Halfdollar is not meant to be better or worse than any other budgeting tool out there. It was built to try and be as accessible and versatile as possible for whoever might want to use it. Some differences between Halfdollar and Tiller are that Halfdollar is completely manual, giving you full understanding and awareness of everything you enter, and it is also completely free with no logging in, storing of information, and relies completely on Google Sheets, and not any other third party bank sign on system.