Half Staff

A simple site that answers "Is the U.S. flag half staff?" ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

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Love this site! Great clean design, always wished there was a resource like this.
Amazing! Flag staff status is pretty much a weekly Google for me - this just made it much easier.
It would be cool if this was also localized. Sometimes there is controversy over certain states, cities, or towns that refuse to lower the flag depending on the event.
If I put a Spanish flag here in Catalonia they will tell me I am a fascists xD I think the same happens in other countries. When I lived in the US I was amazed how many houses had the flag and to see huge ones in the road. For us is quite strange ;)
@deambulando being honest, there's nothing to be proud for Spaniards, so I would rather burn them all (flags) and go live to Mars, not proud at all of the country I was born in, you might have noticed it. But this hunt actually makes sense for Americans
@andreupifarre burning stuff will not fix a thing.... but if thats your choice.... ;) I am catalan BTW ;) I was just explaining how different are things. Not proud of been catalan or spaniard at the moment. But I do live in Barcelona which I love and I am happy here after living abroad. Weird mix of feelings. regards!
Congrats on the Product Hunt launch @jacobwgillespie :D