Budget-conscious trip planning for adventurous people

Halcyon is for when you know you want to take a vacation but don't know where to go. Give us your timeline + budget, and we'll help you choose a destination optimized for adventure. We'll also show you the best flights/lodging and when to book for best rates ✨
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Hey all! I've been working on Halcyon w/ the goal of helping people like myself (poor college kids) plan more interesting, but also budget-conscious, trips w/o having to open a million tabs and documents to coordinate flights/lodging. Right now it's free and we're giving access to a limited # of users! This could also serve as a great company perk for planning team outings, business trips, or for making use of that unlimited PTO 🤐 Thanks for checking this out, happy to answer any questions 😄
@sierra, I'm curious how your sourcing trips? Is this done manually after a user enters their budget and details? I'm not a fan of planning trips and don't like to spend a lot of money traveling. Will check this out.
@rrhoover good q! we pull from a bunch of APIs / do some scraping and basically find the cheapest flight / lodging combos for the given timeline to determine if a trip destination (right now we have a static 300-city list we're going thru) can fit into the user's budget. Once we give the user these destination options and they choose somewhere to go, we show them all of the flight / lodging options that fall under their budget and they take the ultimate step of booking!
@rrhoover @sierra Sounds great. I'm in the early stages of planning a long trip right now. Is there an option for only buying one way tickets?
Planning trips is a painful exercise. Will check it out. Would be cool to have sample trips on the homepage to choose as well, sometimes people just want to get away and don't know where. Good luck! 👍
Great landing page. looking forward to using the product 👍
Loved your landing page as MVP. Very smart and hopefully gives you good insights to evaluate the Idea. Looking forward to the webapp. All the best.