Hacksaw Beta

Bite-sized fully interactive programming tutorials

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After close to a year of development and feedback from over 600 ProductHunters @HacksawAcademy Beta is finally launching. Instead of using generic examples to teach programming, we’ve developed an easy to follow path enabling you to build useful and functional apps online. Each of these projects is split into 30-minute sprints. Learning this way is practical, rewarding, and applicable to our generation’s high-speed lifestyle. The first course is 100% free with the intention of allowing everyone access to a basic understanding of programming. This is a great example of a product molded by ProductHunters for ProductHunters. Here to answer any questions.
Tried several of these learn-to-code apps before and really like the interface and approach in this one. Feels more practical to learn to create things you would actually use on a site. Haven't had time to finish the course but I'm assuming there is a fee for future courses? How does this work?
@elilaipson Great question! Enrolling in the academy gives you access to all Hacksaw projects as well as a new one every month. The goal is to beef up student portfolios and focus on useful apps.
Congratulations Steve! I love the 30 minute sprints to keep people from getting overwhelmed and learning by doing is more fun.
@vbarnett323 Thanks Virginia. The 30 minutes sprints are great for quick painless projects.
This will be great for my junior developers and interns. Thanks!
@alexsopinka That's actually a brilliant use case for Hacksaw. Subscribing will give them all new projects every month making their internship super productive. Great thinking Alex!