Hacking Kindness

Optimization tactics for better behavior

Hacking Kindness is a set of inspirational cards applying behavior science to make people behave better. It's intended to get product teams started in crafting experiences that makes a users be kinder.
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These cards came about because I was wondering if we could use the way we think about conversion optimization to make people take positive action instead. It turns out there is a lot of research on prosocial behavior that is not very accessible, and that prosocial behavior is triggered by other things than buying behavior. Hence, these cards were born. The cards contain tactical advice for product teams with challenges around behavior. It could be social media sites with a bad tone, improving internal or external forums, optimizing for soliciting donations to charities or groups trying to elicit positive actions like recycling or volunteering. Since sharing the cards, I've also gotten feedback from professionals in online education and mental health. They are generic and hopefully they can help people I have not thought about too. The first goal post for these cards are to print them and sell them. However, I'm sharing a fairly large subset of them free & online now to get a feel if it's at all interest for this. In other words, this is a true MVP :)