Build computer games for your dog or cat

hackerpet is a set of open-source tools for converting CleverPet Hubs so they can be controlled from anywhere using simple code. It includes training algorithms, simple data logging to an online spreadsheet, and an API for full hardware control.
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5 Reviews5.0/5
Fun way to expand my developer skills on areas not even close to my daytime job. I am interacting with my dog in ways that I never thought possible
CleverPet is pretty awesome and HackerPet makes it awesome-r. We make custom games for our food-motivated black cat and he spends time every day playing the games for kibble, rather than meowing and knocking pictures off the wall. You'd get that with the base CleverPet, but I'm especially interested to try out some of internet-connected and phone-connected games we're seeing coming out for HackerPet. It's the wild west of understanding animal behavior, and this is a cool opportunity to be a part of learning what animals are capable of, while bonding with your own pet.
This product have a been a lot of fun. My dogs actually eat way more now when it's fun. Good thing since one of them is 3 lbs!