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Hey @wr, thanks for hopping in! A couple questions: - Why did you guys to decide to go primarily with the newsletter approach as opposed to having just a static website to host the content (which I see you also have, although don't feature as prominently)? - Any plans for expanding into different verticals? p.s. Would love to add HackDesign to Happy Inbox!
@wr do you have plan to opensource hackdesign?
I love newsletters like these that teach a subject via a weekly email on a specific topic. Been really impressed by HackDesign's quality and thoroughness.
I sing HackDesign's praises everywhere I go. Been on the mailing list since Lesson 0 dabbling here and there... just started taking it more seriously. The content's great, and the occasional custom bits from @wr (like dragging to complete the triforce in lesson 1) have the guys' fun personalities show through. Good stuff. Honestly, I would've assumed HackDesign was already featured earlier on.
@wr @alexbaldwin - it's been a while since we chatted about this (I think it was around the time you published your last edition of Hack Design) but what are your grand master, top secret plans for the future? You have a huge audience and I'm sure many ideas to spin into.