Hack To Start - 99: Mahdi Yusuf, CTO, Gyroscope

Mahdi shares how 2 people build Gyroscope & why data matters

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Franco Varriano
Franco VarrianoMaker@francovarriano · Host @ Hack To Start
Hey guys - Back with another episode of Hack To Start. This week we're speaking with Mahdi Yusuf, the CTO of Gyroscope, an app that lets you sync your data to track your health & everything about your life. Mahdi moved around a lot as a kid, spending time in Saudi Arabia, Ottawa, and Thailand, among other countries - all the while, exploring new technologies and learning about computers. After university, Mahdi started working for a mergers security company before jumping into startups. He is also the co-founder of Pycoder’s Weekly and a large part of the Python community through that newsletter that attracts over 30,000 subscribers. Mahdi’s also given several talks on personal branding & how to build communities around projects. He joins us to share his story, how he got into startups, why focusing on your health is so critical, how to develop your own brand (especially as a developer), what it’s like to be CTO at Gyroscope, and much more! =========== BONUS: Want to get in on Gyroscope but need an invite code? Use "hacktostart" to get in on it! ============ Thanks for the support!