The world's largest blockchain event, free for ProductHunt

hack.summit() is a virtual conference happening July 9-11. The largest developer event in history (80,000+ attendees), and raises money for important charities. Key leaders of important blockchain projects are speaking.

ATTEND FOR FREE -- ProductHunt users can bypass the registration using code PRODUCTHUNT at https://www.hacksummit.org

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Hi everyone. We created hack.summit() to disrupt online events. Physical conferences in real-life typically exist for a business purpose: to maximize profits for their centralized stewards. Indeed, there have been many blockchain conferences over the past year that have this goal. We believe this is a missed opportunity. The decentralized nature of blockchain democratizes access and eliminates rent-seeking middlemen. We believe this concept should be applied to events as well. hack.summit() embraces this theme -- the event is decentralized and has no physical presence. Speakers from around the globe unite to focus on providing free technical education. No centralized authority seeks to profit, and the event is inclusive of a global community of 157 countries without requiring speakers nor attendees to travel. Hope to see you there.
@edro excited about the event. πŸ™Œ