A free habit building app that treats your life like a game.

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Hi folks! I've added a link to our web app, which has more social features than either the Android or iTunes version. If you're motivated by social accountability, choosing to fight bosses in a party is extremely effective!
@superamit Yeah, @buster, what do you think? (I'm a long time fan of Buster's work, so I'm super curious.) I'm also a bit gobsmacked that the founder of Photojojo checked us out (maybe?). What do YOU think?
@caffeinatedvee Vicky, I think it's a rad idea, but I think its current implementation is confusing. I have a lot of interest in motivational tools and quantified self, but I found it intimidating to get started and gave up.
@superamit Did you start with the web app or the mobile? We're actively working on improving our mobile experience to be a standalone one, rather than a supporting app for the website.
@caffeinatedvee I downloaded the android app initially, found the website later.
@superamit Thanks for the reply! We know we have a lot of work to do in easing the onboarding process, especially for mobile. We've also got plenty of requests to add additional quantified self type features.
It seems interesting
Well the concept seems interesting