A free habit building app that treats your life like a game.

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Hi folks! I've added a link to our web app, which has more social features than either the Android or iTunes version. If you're motivated by social accountability, choosing to fight bosses in a party is extremely effective!
@superamit Yeah, @buster, what do you think? (I'm a long time fan of Buster's work, so I'm super curious.) I'm also a bit gobsmacked that the founder of Photojojo checked us out (maybe?). What do YOU think?
@caffeinatedvee Vicky, I think it's a rad idea, but I think its current implementation is confusing. I have a lot of interest in motivational tools and quantified self, but I found it intimidating to get started and gave up.
@superamit Did you start with the web app or the mobile? We're actively working on improving our mobile experience to be a standalone one, rather than a supporting app for the website.
@caffeinatedvee I downloaded the android app initially, found the website later.
@superamit Thanks for the reply! We know we have a lot of work to do in easing the onboarding process, especially for mobile. We've also got plenty of requests to add additional quantified self type features.
It seems interesting