Track your important assets with secure real-time data

H2H allows anyone to track their IoT devices anywhere in the world. Our plug-and-play integrations with various Distributed Ledger Technologies enable the creation of shared data environments and collaborative value chains across transportation, production, and retail. We believe in an Internet of Things that is community-owned and inclusive.

Mauricio Jaimes
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Evan Feenstra
Evan FeenstraMaker@evanfeenstra · Changing the world with code
Hey all! Im excited to see our web application hunted here! We built H2H to make the Internet of Things more accessible to small businesses and individuals, by enabling shared data environments and streams. We've integrated over 200 commonly used GPS device models, and we post data to the IOTA Tangle and Blockstack Gaia data stores. We are using Blockchain and Tangle tech to break down the data silos that exist today in IoT, machine learning, and big data projects.