Gyroscope Watch App

Transform your Apple Watch into the ultimate health tracker

Track your mood, sleep better, meditate more, work out harder—and then see how it all fits together to improve your Health Score! The new Watch App is available for free in Gyroscope V3.
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Nak Koh
Adrien DONOT
Jordan Clark
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  • Pros: 

    So much you can do and see Watch app is great and shows how great the watch Ui is for certaintasks e.g. Mood, and Mind


    It's quite complicated to start with (for a first timer) Not sure if the Pro experience provides enough value

    I paid for Pro for 6 months... i like it but when it ran out i was still able to get the benefits that i got in the pro subscription. So i think some more monitization ideas should go into it because without money, the app will eventually close - and i don't want that!

    Tatum Bisley has used this product for one year.