Gyroscope Team Dashboard

Team wellness in your Slack channel & at the office

Working at a startup can be stressful and we built this as a way to keep the team healthy with a good work life balance. Workouts and leaderboards are posted to the Slack channel to keep everyone motivated and the TV dashboard adds an extra layer of motivation on top of the personal Gyroscope Pro experience.

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I love this holistic approach to metrics reporting @myusuf3 @aprilzero @shanemielke. Companies often say they care about employees' health - yet the only results measured are those related to the bottom line. I can see this helping to shift that. What's the story behind it and what's the feedback from clients who've adopted it?
@abadesi Thanks! Many of the teams using it have reported both an increase in overall morale, and being more active due to competing and being more motivated. Some people have also wanted to use Gyroscope Pro but found membership expensive to pay personally, so having the company provide it makes it accessible to more people and not just the highly paid staff. We first built this for ourselves to create the culture that we wanted for the company, especially as we start to grow from 3 people to hundreds. I've found most companies optimize for everyone just working all the time, and that leads to people becoming very unhealthy, gaining weight, or ultimately getting burned out. This has happened to me before and probably a lot of other people working at startups, and we wanted to avoid that ever happening to someone at Gyroscope. Balance is the service that we're always trying to provide at Gyroscope. I find I'm much more productive when I've had a good workout and am staying healthy and balanced, meditating, sleeping well. I think this applies to most people, and so if we can scale that to the whole team then I think everyone will not only feel better but the company will also perform better. But the tools to facilitate that haven't really existed yet, so far it extends to just providing health insurance or perks like a gym membership, which are good starts but not sufficient on their own. We're also a remote team and so this makes it easier to get a sense of what people are up to and how they're doing, which may be easier when you're just sitting together in an office.

I've been using the personal Gyroscope for a couple of years and started beta testing the Team option for our team at Baremetrics a month or so ago. We love it. The daily Slack reports are always a fun conversation point and the dashboard is a great way to help encourage folks in the team to go the extra mile (there's a dad joke in there somewhere)!


Easy to set up, encourages the team to be more active



From a managerial perspective, if a member of your team was having an 'off day' (as measured by Gyroscope's mood & productivity tracker) would you want the rest of the team to know?
Love the app by the way! Keep up the good work!
It looks great, from which sources/apps do you get the data?
@orhanbayram all of the data sources and management use the same Gyroscope app — — some of the top sources are iPhone, Apple Watch, Fitbit and also apps like Strava, RescueTime. But through Apple Health it can work with thousands of apps that are out there
Wonderful to see, but I'd also like to see ways to track mindfulness activities like meditation. It can be equally important and essential to workplace productivity and mental health
@shoshinzen this is part of Gyroscope Pro, it's just not shared with coworkers
@shoshinzen You can set a weekly meditation goal, and get reminders for it, etc. Definitely a very important tool in mental health
@aprilzero why not shared? It's one of best features of Insight Timer, and one of the reasons it's so popular. Being able to virtually meditate with people anywhere in the world.. Might be something to consider, not everyone exercises physically, some prefer to flex their cerebellum!