Gyroscope 2.0

Now with Places, a new Moves replacement


Gyroscope 2.0 introduces our new Places tracking, a better replacement for the Moves integration.

• New Places tracking feature for detecting visits & travels

• New tool to import your Moves export

• New analytics & zoomable maps

• New Pro features like Passport & City Heatmap

• New detailed view for any day in your history

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Customer Acquisition, SaaS Marketing 🇨🇦

Going on 3 years with Gyroscope and it's one of my favourite apps! I particularly love using it when I travel. Not only does it provide a unique recap of the places visited, but visualizes it in such a unique and beautiful way every time!


Simple set up, wide array of features, visually stunning, just works, active Facebook Group.


Occasionally locations are grouped as one stop if they are physically super close.

think and act out of the box

would be just interested in the pro-features, but I don´t like to be pushed into registering just to find out it´s to expensive for me


nice design, interesting features


no information on pricing available without registration, facebook account needed

CEO, Gyroscope
• pricing should be on the app install page, in the US it is $9.99 a month or $69.99/year — though in other countries that can gets localized through iTunes so it's hard to just put that once without people getting confused by currency changes • Facebook isn't needed, though it is the easiest way to sign up. you can also sign up with email and password, it will take a couple more minutes to type in all your info and go through the extra verification steps
Maker of things

Been using Gyroscope since '15 and I love it to bits. Really excited to see how the Places feature evolves, been using it in Beta for a while and it's getting better and better with each release.

Worth every penny.


Integrates with Apple Health & RescueTime, looks amazing!


None, really


I’m so impressed with how great the product is and that all this is supported by a tiny team of 3. In a big fan!


It’s very in depth and informative, and above else stunningly beautifu. It’s an app I use multiple times a day. Love love love it!


it hasn’t taken over the world yet :( it must!

cs Student, iOS Developer

As I said, even if you see how beautiful it was with running, workout and walking in different places, you will push yourself to a healthy life (Like me.). However, if you're not this kind of guy, it seems still missing the analysis part.

Compare to Pro features now, it's a little higher (as I still yearly member haha!) because of some tracks that only Pro can do is not as crucial because under reasons:

- The Calories need your manually enter each time with other apps (iOS HealthKit), and if you're like me eating lots of Chinese, Japanese, etc. food, it's really take time to record. And these data only synced to your account without any further analysis for now.

- The Weight & Bodyfat can be easily tracked if you have a smart scale. So that means you can see your all history in their app too (most smart scale have a great app). And GY only record your all stuff too, with a Pro feature to see the yearly change on this two stuff (which can also be see in scale app too)

- The Sleep, Meditation are, all the same, there is no further result on how these data changed your life for now.

- etc.

So what I want to say is: if you want to have a tool, for now, can give your how different stuff affect your life, GY still not that good. However, if you can see the big picture, that Gy will definitely improve on these ideas I mentioned and in the future, you will need to worry about you do not have huge amount data to analyze.

So, use it right now. With or without paying for Pro. Because only if you guys support the service, it can survive and give more feedback in the future.

BTW, mood tracking is so great haha! (Pro only haha!)

ps. So for team gyroscope, I know you can definitely see what I want for all these data in the future aha?


The design is so beautiful and if you're a person who see the Running, workout present so damn good, you will keep push yourself


The data is beautiful present, but the analysis is the most important now. The Pro price is now a little higher compare to it's features


Have used v1 extensively, excited for v2!


Awesome quantified self dashboard, integrates with almost everything!



I’ve used it and paid for Pro almost since day 1 and would highly recommend it to anyone interested in the “quantified life”.


Awesome visualizations, data aggregation and insight into my life.


Can sometimes annoy me a bit with mood tracking or needing a goal or to review the prior day.

CEO & Founder, TidyHQ

It's a brilliant, well thought out app to track everything about your body.

It is still clumsy when you try and share it with people at the coffee shop (and you don't get much in the way of referral love).

It's a no brainer to download and monitor how much (lack) of activity you have in your life. A nice little checksum to keep it monitored.


Been at it since launch. Such a well thought out tool - the blog is worth reading for extra context.


It smashes your phones battery life tracking everything.

Front end dev, Routehappy

Been using Gyroscope for a few years and really enjoy the different reports. They keep improving it, adding in extra reports and major features like the new built in location tracking. A must have app for me at this point.


Great visualizations for showing your personal data. Covers most key data points.


Location tracking a little inaccurate, not really editable.

Engineer and Hypnotist
I will tell you my experience with this Indian guy My credit card expired And they tweaked something ( I don’t know how without CCV) and they billed the new card I immediately asked for a refund And they refused Even if I haven’t used the pro service in a long while I’ve reported the fraud to the credit card company But please be very careful sending them your personal date They do NOT behave like ethical people So again be WARNED: They have YOUR LIFE data!!!!
I'm using Gyroscope since 2015 and I saw it grow and fall into the limbs of unsupported connection to data point providers, at a point I just cancelled my subscriptions. I remember when the tool had even a free tiers. That's a long long time ago and the product feels completely différent from what it is now. Pros: Beautifully presented, Simple to setup, Dropped the Facebook mandatory integration. Cons: Slow to load data, position is innacurate and it's "fixed" every new version for about a year now, connexion to third party disapears one after another and everything will eventuelly rely on Apple Health, while it's still sold on the Android AppStore 👀 and the biggest of all: datetime issues all over the apps which is designed for U.S. timezones in mind (a day start at 10pm in my timezone for example 😁 , the data I enter into the app are displayed few weeks / months ago instead of now ...). Support is not helping at all while I'm paying for the app so...