GymKing for iOS

Simple and clean workout logger to help you reach your goals

GymKing is a simple and effective workout logger for strength training. With engaging statistics the app will keep you motivated to reach your goals and stay loyal to the gym. Become the King/Queen of the gym with GymKing.

Mikołaj Grzyb
Joakim Lé Hjelmeland
Petter Wright
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Looks pretty nice and straightforward! I've downloaded dozens of different gym tracking tools and I must say that, surprisingly, it's super hard to find something that fits into your workflow. This app is pretty simple, the interface is clean and readable, so as long as you'll keep it this way I might give it a try :) The only thing I'd consider adding is a calculation of 1RM and it'd be perfect!
@jarosinskik Thank you so much Konrad! 1RM is calculated in history for your workout and also under the specific exercise with a graph showing the 1RM :)
Looks great! Any plans to add a full body exercise category for olympic lifts, burpees, etc?