Platform to create personal App 10х faster, 5х cheaper.

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GuruCan is self-managed platform that allowed influencers to create Apps (iOS & Android), publish content & monetise the audience.
You can launch app & sell workouts, online courses, challenges, paid chat, live streams and more features in 1 day.
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Timur Chernenko
Timur ChernenkoMaker@timurchernenko · Entrepreneur, founder
A couple of years ago I had an idea to launch a fitness challenge project, but the idea failed because a nicely developed IT platform didn't have influencer or expert behind it. The project didn't have a brand face who people want to follow & trust. Attempts to onboard an expert or influencers to be the ambassador required huge budgets & not a lot of them wanted to represent someone's fitness project. They all wanted to launch a similar project run by them. But they didn't have IT solution & resources to make it. It made me realise that it is better to provide IT tools for influencers & creators than try to catch influencers trends. To sum up, one unsuccessful experience led to developing GURUCAN & personal app an easy and fast to make.