Gumroad Small Product Lab

Bite-sized lessons to help you launch your product.

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Hey there! We built the Small Product Lab to help people who were having trouble getting a product out into the world and making their first dollar off of it. It's a series of bite-sized lessons to hone in on a tiny product idea and ship it in 10 days. Excited to see it getting traction here! Happy to answer any questions people have.
@jjalsey This looks really powerful! Excited to see what comes as a result. How do I find out what people in this program end up launching so I can spend money I shouldn't ;)
@jjalsey Really great idea and I love the support you're giving to people with an idea!
Thanks for putting something like this. I should thank Gumroad because, that's where I started making a living by selling my own stuff. I also use Gumroad as an alternative to Stripe. (Since, Stripe, Paypal are not available in my country) Based on my experience, I think launch day is a pretty big event for a creator. But, if you try to launch every month or may be every week that's very nice. It doesn't mean we need to launch different products, but try to launch features, articles and other goodies that create more customers or awareness. I hope this message included in the course in somekind of a way. So, not only the person who win this contest , but everyone who participate is a winner.
Thanks so much Erik! We'll be putting together a Gumroad collections page to showcase participants, similar to this: I'll be sure to update you in 10 days!
@shreesha thanks! The lessons are by email. We're experimenting with a group of about 500 to participate in a Facebook group, where they have to post their assignments and progress daily. It's been very good so far - extremely active and positive and encouraging - but we had to close it to prevent it from getting overwhelming. We may do more "launches" of the course to open up groups like this again. We'll also be hosting 3 Twitter chats over the next week with guest "mentors". You can follow along at #SmallProductLab if you'd like!
@arunoda that's extremely good advice! We spend 2/10 lessons on launching, and yup, we will be covering how you can do smaller, more frequent launches. It definitely goes with the theme of the course!