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Super interested in how this turns out. lots of questions, answer as many as you like, or none! Twitch Teams don't solve any problems for streamers, and you're right, teams face real problems...problems with 1) growth and 2) org operations. 1. What's the interest look like between credible esports teams and groups of friends? Does their usage differ? Who would you rather serve? 2. Do you have any teams that swear by this and built a habit around it? If you took it away they'd be angry? What would they miss? 3. Would be interested in seeing what a thriving team looks like on this compared to: Discord + website + [whatever else they do] 4.How long did you take to develop this? Did you have an early access program with teams, or beta, or is this the launch? how did you get your first users? i always love a good cold-start story. 5. Can you do a postmortem blog post of being on Product Hunt? Even if you get zero results, that's interesting. I wonder if the audience here is also a twitch friendly gaming audience. <-== i'm actually pretty skeptical of this.
@jasonhitchcock thanks for the questions! 1. I imagine the usage will differ. Our initial beta usage skewed heavily towards serious (but not professional) teams. This is a reflection of the features we've implemented to date as well as the characteristics of the community of initial beta testers (see #4). We think that Tournaments/Leagues and Matchmaking will be critical to provide value to credible eSports teams. 2. Many teams have already replaced their previous setup (custom websites, Enjin, etc.) with Guilded, and now depend on it. To give a few examples, we have teams and streaming communities that are over 300 members, teams that have replaced their site and have forwarded their old domains, and teams that have spent many hours curating their media albums and docs. If you took their teams away, they'd lose albums full of memories and hours spent curating strategies/DKP sheets/etc. Some of them would have to re-onboard hundreds of people. Some would have to find an alternative way to recruit new players. 3. From what I've seen so far, there are a few different patterns. Some teams use it for everything. Some teams use Discord for chat, and Guilded (w/ Discord integration enabled) for calendar + media albums + docs. Some teams use it mostly for recruiting, so they share their application link to solicit applications and decide who they want to join. 4. We started by opening a private beta to members of the /r/wow subreddit, which gave us a small group of dedicated users that provided really great feedback for us. We've been iterating on feedback from this private beta for a few months before we decided we were ready to launch. 5. Hah, this is a question I've been wondering as well :) I have no idea what % of the PH crowd are gamers. It will be interesting to see if this resonates with people here, or if the intersection of gamers and product hunters is too small. I'd love to write up a postmortem about the PH results if people are interested in it.
@elibrownye thanks for the detailed answers. re: #5 - you got on reader here.
Hi PH, and thanks @_jacksmith for hunting us! As multiplayer gaming and eSports explode in popularity, teams are finding it increasingly important to have a place to strategize, schedule and discover events, recruit new members, and test their skills against new opponents. We were unhappy with existing products for gaming teams, which were expensive, not designed for an increasingly mobile playerbase, or just not the experience we wanted. We made Guilded to solve that problem, and just launched this week! Guilded is free, supports over 200 games, integrates with users' favorite gaming services (Discord, Twitch, Steam, Xbox LIVE, etc.), and is available on web, iOS, Android, OS X, and Windows. I’m excited to hear what you all think. I'll be around in the comments for any questions/comments/feedback. Hope you all enjoy it!