Learn how to find, hire, & retain technical talent in The Holloway Guide to Technical Recruiting & Hiring. Written by & for hiring managers, recruiters, interviewers, & candidates, this guide is a practical resource for every member of an engineering team.
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👋 Hi hunters! At Holloway we believe anyone can learn anything, so long as they have access to knowledge and the will to study. We researched over 900 pieces of source material, and worked with 40+ contributors—hiring managers, founders, recruiters, interviewers, candidates—to build a practical Guide that helps the whole software engineering team approach the process of hiring with confidence. Inside the Guide, you'll find 30+ in-depth sections (and four appendices), each written to be read in under two hours, over lunch breaks and in-between putting the kids to bed and passing out. Reading on Holloway gives you a distraction-free, interactive format to help you find what you need, when you need it, in your browser. Digital access to a Guide also means access to ongoing new content, curated commentary from experts and readers, and features like search and bookmarks. Get access here: https://www.holloway.com/g/techn... And we'll make sure to answer questions all day!
I'm really, really proud of this book. Why? Hiring is really hard. It's hard for companies whose brands are household names, and it's especially hard when you're making your first hire ever. What I love about this book is that in addition to doling out practical advice, it gives you a framework for how to think about hiring and what strategies/tactics are right for you at every stage in your growth... think of it like a smart friend who cares about doing the right thing giving you thoughtful advice.
@alinelernerllc :) nice Aline -- looking forward to reading this!
Hiring has always been the most difficult part of any job I've had, and I would watch companies that were really successful at it with both admiration and envy. Writing this Guide was an opportunity to learn from some of the best recruiters and hiring managers in the industry, and help compile those learnings into a resource for anyone else involved in hiring software engineers. We've put hundreds of hours of interviews, discussions, and reviews into this Guide, so I'm really to share the result!
@oao84 Great to have it available! Good work getting this thing out there for everyone to use.
@dave_story thanks for all the insight, stories and overall support Dave! Learned a lot from you.
It's been a privilege working with such incredible eng leaders as this Guide took shape. I've so appreciated the wisdom and experience of @oao84 and @alinelernerllc and many others, and am glad it's now in a form anyone can read. This Guide is not short or simple—but we hope it reflects both the difficulty and importance, for both engineers and managers, of building strong eng teams.
In my experience, all of the content coming from Holloway is absolute gold. Cannot recommend it enough. The time, diligence, and expertise that goes into producing each one of these is unmatched.