Cas McCullough
Cas McCullough reviewedGuidableCreate and sell guided programs to your followers.

Simple, could be a novel way to attract leads


Have to do the content on your phone, which is time consuming and clunky

I set up a simple 7 Day Blogging Challenge on the app. Had a couple of minor issues. 1. Adding content was a little time consuming as I had to do it on my mobile. Would be great if you could add it via desktop to cut and paste and repurpose from other content. In my case, I took content from an email sequence for a month long challenge. 2. When you click on the button to follow a link, it takes you to the page within the window and then you can't flick back to the previous one without closing the app first. This was a little frustrating. I'm looking forward to seeing if this app converts.

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Ryan Tinker
Ryan Tinker@ryantinker · I like to make things.
Yes! Thank you so much for taking the time to try the app and write your feedback. I am actively working on a desktop version (so you don't have to add via mobile). I'm also working on landing pages so your followers can join from the web. Also that link bug is getting fixed asap. Thank you for finding it! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!