Make your friends laugh with personalized GIFs


Guggy helps you express yourself with personalized GIFs using a specialized for messaging NLP engine.

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I've really loved using this every day. The fact that you have a little "floating button" when I use a supported app, is fantastic. I try to use Samsung's default Messages app, but it doesn't show the floating button there. This a lack of API? If you can get GIF compression for sending texts, that'll be 🔥 Keep it up! Love the branding too! 👍🏼


Easily makes you the best GIF sharer amongst your friends. Perfect for lazy people since it works within your messaging apps (if supported)


I wanna send this via MMS, but the GIF power levels are too high!! Please add some friendly compression so I can send my texts with Guggy :)

Comes in handy to create animated GIFs. More fun with family and friends.


Animated GIF made easy