Comments on “Guaana
Mickael Coenca@mcoenca · software engineer
Really good one. Lots of questions, feedback and ideas spread to my mind Q: - Why can't we use this tool for creative or startup projects ? I would love to put the subject and idea behind my startup (that is also a knowledge organisation) in an open discussion like this. EDIT: ok I see people do it, but in a science-oriented way. Great. - What's you're long… See more
Marko Russiver@markorussiver · Founder & CEO @ Guaana
@mcoenca Thank you for such an insightful overview, feedback and set of questions. Here we go. - As you saw the startup's can post projects, but have to aim the questions from scientific/research point of view. - I believe science can be as open source as development is today. This needs some time and support from the community, but can happen. So, we are… See more
@mcoenca Field suggestion is also in the works. It is actually quite challenging to come up with a good list of fields. People have difficulty agreeing on the term science, let alone all the fields in it. :)