GSV Passport

Passport is your go-to resource for building your startup!

GSV Passport™ is your go-to resource for building and growing your startup. Join our community of entrepreneurs, Fortune 500s, and venture capitalists and get access to 100+ Mentors, 100s of templates and guides, and $450k in free & discounted services.

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Hey everyone! Over the last 5 or so years I spent a lot of my time working with GSVlabs, during which we worked with thousands fo startups. Recently, I started working at a blockchain startup, Now, I’m incredibly excited for the entire GSV team for the launch of GSV Passport. This is the culmination of the work GSVlabs has done over the last 5 years. The product seamlessly pulls together their network of mentors, investors, founders, and service providers giving members of Passport an opportunity to network and build their business from anywhere in the world. Check it out and let me know what you think! I believe in providing resources and access to founders not lucky enough to be located in Silicon Valley and I think this is a big step in the that direction.