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Edward Olebe
Co-Founder of Grsp
Season's Greetings Product Hunters! The holidays are approaching and most of us will hit the stores at some point. Getting great gifts often requires a little legwork in stores, meaning dealing with crowds, oddly timed sales, limited availability, confusing displays, marginally helpful salespeople and general sensory overload. We made Grsp to help people make better and faster in-store buying decisions. Shoppers identify the product in question and we analyze locations, prices, offers, ratings and reviews, to personalize real-time buy (or don't buy) recommendations. Our goal is to eliminate the regrets of impulsive purchases or missed opportunities, saving time and money in the process. With the Grsp app, users can instantly determine the best place to purchase a product, including where they are shopping now, at another store nearby or simply online. They can save and organize gift ideas, poll their friends for instant product feedback and even get help from our experts. This holiday season we are focusing Grsp on electronics and appliances. We've been beta testing for months and would love to know what you think! Thanks, Ed & Emmanuel
Thank you for the interesting app. It is really useful. Recently, I bought an iron and also faced a huge offer. I have not lost much. Helped me find iron this site Here are printed different reviews on many brands of irons. This greatly simplifies the selection.