GrowYourBase 2.0

Earn and build your digital asset portfolio

Digital asset developers can create assignments that focus on educating users. In exchange for learning about the new digital assets, users are rewarded for completing assignments by earning digital assets.
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We're excited to announce the launch of GrowYourBase 2.0. The world's first platform where digital asset developers can create small assignments that focus on educating users on their project! In exchange for learning about the new digital assets, users are rewarded for completing assignments by earning digital assets. To celebrate the launch we've created an exclusive campaign for ProductHunters! In the spirit of ProductHunt, for the next 48 hours, you can earn an exclusive CryptoKitty non-fungible token and start building your digital asset portfolio right MEOW!
Great idea Steve. Quick question. Once you've purchased a collectible (for instance the PH special), how to you actually receive/claim it?
@jjloic Good question. Thanks for the support. We are testing with two redeem features for NFTs currently that have been suggested by the community. Option A: Directly sending the earned NFTs to user's ETH wallet address when they redeem. Option B: Reward users who HODL their NFTs and tokenized assets in their wallet on the platform with an additional NFT or asset of equal value over 6 and 12 months. Option B is proving to be the most in demand so far. Thousands of users have expressed more interest in holding and growing their NFT portfolio on the platform as well as potentially borrowing against their NFTs ;)
@stvmcg thank you Steve. makes lots of sense. I would vote for option B as well expect for cryptokitties since you want to be able to have them in the cryptokitties app to breed them...
@jjloic Awesome. Thanks for the feedback! We're working around the clock to deploy features the community has been requesting. LOTS more NFTs and tokenized assets launching in the coming weeks/months!
Hi,Steve. When will I be able to withdraw earned AC3 to the ICON wallet?
@kisab2 Good question. We've been following the community suggestions closely and unanimously users being able to hold NFTs to earn more assets on the platform has been the #1 suggestion/request. Given AC3 is used entirely on the GYB platform to earn and redeem assets transferring off has been a lower requested feature but it will be released as well. Working towards rolling that out early next year. To help with additional feedback - can you share why you want to withdraw AC3 to ICON wallet?
@stvmcg I have ac3 on my ICON wallet. I rather want to move AC3 to the GYB to spend them
@stvmcg I'm wondering how I can spend AC3 on the ICON wallet?
@kisab2 Thanks for the feedback. As mentioned we are going to be implementing this early next year :)
@kisab2 Good feedback. Currently you can earn AC3 by completing assignments on the platform to purchase NFTs and tokenized on the platform. External integrations like ICON wallet (and others) are in the works.
Ok, so, i do i redeem the give away kitty
@fisayo_olagundoye Thanks for participating. The CryptoKitties went quickly!