100+ curated growth hacks for makers + early stage startups


GrowthHackList is a curated list of the best growth hacking methods for makers and small startups.

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Vinish Garg
Michael Folling
Rick Kats
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    $29 for a word doc list which is available on every second "Growth" forum? No thank you.

    Most of the items aren't available yet and far from being innovative, this is something anyone can easily find on the internet.

    Just use this super fancy new website called Google and type "Growth Hacks" - Voila. Just saved you $29.

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  • Vinish Garg
    Vinish GargCo-founder @mystippi @ContentHug

    Single reference to some really good references


    Tonnes of such information is available free, I am surprised to see the pricing.

    A few carefully selected newsletters solve 80% of the problem that is solved by this PAID list. It is not about the price, it is about whether I really need to pay to find these resources? No. I will not pay. Sorry!!

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  • Denny Hollick
    Denny HollickTech enthusiast. Marketer. Developer.

    A quick reference for some marketing ideas.


    $29 for a bunch of things you can easily Google

    Looking at the preview, the list doesn't look particularly creative or anything you can't find elsewhere. It's mostly copy-pasted information onto a spreadsheet...

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    - Generous pricing

    - Taken from personal experience

    - Could save a lot of time by helping the user realize what areas to focus on initially


    - Some of the information could be found through research, however it would take a very long time to come up with a list as detailed as this

    A comprehensive list of ways to grow a startup from someone's personal experience could potentially be priceless.

    I can certainly see the benefit of having an in-depth list to make your way through as you grow your business - it's organized, all in one place and could save a lot of time spent researching while providing some invaluable first-hand experience and insight into growth hacking. has used this product for one day.
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    You're charging $29 for a word doc?

    This is ridiculous.

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  • Gauthier Vdh
    Gauthier VdhPerformance Marketing -

    Some great ideas


    Pay for things you can access for free is never a good idea !

    Way too expensive for stuffs you can Google

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  • Rick Kats
    Rick Katsproduct <3

    creator took time to organize it


    nothing really new or fancy, and you are paying for a word doc thats 29$

    most things on the list say "coming soon" i'm not sure i would pay the 29$ had i known this list was incomplete.

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  • Angel
    AngelCEO in CrewChat

    You get valuable info


    You're charging $29?

    You're charging $29 for a word doc?

    You're charging $29 for a word doc with info you can find on Google?

    Sorry, I love free products.

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