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You've presented the GrowthHackers Growth Studies from your site for Airbnb and Slack as "A version of this article was published on growthhackers" as if to imply you were the original authors. You are not. Our site did not give your permission to reproduce these in any version. Linking back to the original growth study does not absolve this behavior. The biggest give away: We have a bug on our site that makes certain quoted text invisible and the copied growth studies show blank spaces where you'd expect that text. For comparison: Btw the same thing has been done where an article about Uber from NYT which has also been presented as a growth study (i.e. a version of this appeared in the nytimes) . This is not how you "growth hack" any business.
@anujadhiya Thanks for the feedback. We identify each and every site as the original source with an appropriate link back to the original post. We publish content that we think is best for our audience. If setting up one-of-a-kind curated resources isn’t good for our audience, then what is? I hope the most of you can see the added value of what we do.
@matthias_van_den_avont The way your site is laid out implies that this is your content that was published elsewhere vs it being a curation. A curation implies links to content - not wholesale reproduction of content without permission. Rather than getting into a further debate about this please remove all GrowthHackers original content from your site. This includes all content that has been identified as a growth study (as called out above) and those that have just been listed as regular content (like and others).
Hi Product Hunters! First of all, thanks @chrismessina! I’m Matthias, founding CEO of Growthcafe. Our team has been working hard and I’m excited to share it with the Product Hunt community! Let me share a bit of information about our company and how it can help you achieve your goals for your next venture. At Growthcafe, we believe that people should be able to find actionable, insightful, in-depth and relevant information on the specific topics and skills they need to grow their business. We serve up a steady stream of useful and actionable tips, insights and techniques for the growth-savvy entrepreneur and are committed to people brand’s success. Digital marketers, venture capitalists, startup fans, developers and entrepreneurs use Growthcafe to gather information about the latest in growth hacking, innovation, technology and digital entrepreneurship. Here’s what you’ll find at Growthcafe: • Personal, inside stories from the hottest and fastest growing businesses across the globe. These insights are a valuable look behind the scenes and reveal the personalities behind some of the most successful businesses in the world. You won’t find these personal takes anywhere else. You’ll be able to learn about the challenges, the insights and the processes that drove these successful founders to create their product and get some key insights for your own brand. • Real-life qualified growth studies from top innovative teams. What obstacles did these industry leaders face, and how did they overcome them. These powerful methods can revolutionize the way your own organization performs. • Actionable how to guides and in-depth interviews from industry leaders. • Elite products vetted by top authorities that cover every aspect of business. In my daily job and long history as a digital entrepreneur, I figured out it takes a lot of time to gain real knowledge to successfully launch a business, I decided to launch Growthcafe 1.0 for all like-minded business people who want to learn from proven entrepreneurs. If you have a moment, I would love to hear your feedback! As founding CEO of Growthcafe, I hope that you all get a lot of value and enjoyment from the site and look forward to hearing your thoughts.