Growth Hacking Idea 2.0

One short ‎inspiring growth hack a day to your email

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Hey ProductHunters, Growth Hacking Idea delivers one short ‎inspiring growth hack every day to your email. People from Uber, Microsoft, Adobe, Disney, Coca-Cola, LinkedIn, Amazon, eBay, SalesForce, Sony/PlayStation, Indiegogo, TechStars, Samsung are among subscribers of our invitation-only community. Hit "Get it" to get your invitation. The invitation will give you FREE access to the service. What's new in Growth Hacking Idea 2.0: 1. Focus on data-driven case studies that _INSPIRE_ to test a new growth hack. 2. Free exclusive growth hacking tools. 3. Exclusive never published hacks. 4. Closed groups on Facebook/Slack with over 600 VIP growth hackers. 5. A new user gets for free 50 best growth hacks for inviting 1 friend. 6. And a bestseller "TOP 101 growth hacks" for inviting 5 friends. 7. Secret zone with over 400 best selected growth hacks. Bonus: short inspiring growth-related quotes.
Aladdin delivers top quality growth hacking resources to your inbox for free and if you're a VIP you'll get access to the slack community too. I love GHI and highly advise anybody to join!
@rolfic Thank you Roland. My pleasure :)
@rolfic How to get to the slack community? thanks
@falcon_games send me an email to admin at growthhackingidea dot com
I love the concept and the story of how growthhackingidea was born. Its still inspiring to see the amount of experiments Aladdin runs within the project every other week. And he is completely transparent about his results and learnings. So you get both: Real world examples from the founder and proven ideas gathered and summarized from the internet.
@jaschaio such pleasant feedback as yours, Jascha, inspires me to do that :)
I use several of these hacks and Aladdin has really helped me understand GH
The best invite-only growthhacking community. Highly recommend!