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I'm sorry for being candid but this is just a 26-page long .pdf where most of it is extreme basics: teaching reader on how to actually create a group, set a cover photo, plus 2-3 pages of very cliche advice like "respond to comments" and "use visuals". There is no way this could be called an "in-depth guide". This default guide by Neil Patel is much more insightful: https://neilpatel.com/blog/an-ey...
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@maximabramchuk Sorry that you didn't find our ebook useful, this ebook is 1st part of our collection of 5 eBooks regarding Facebook Group. You can download our 2nd eBook "Benefits Of Facebook Group For Businesses & Solo Entrepreneurs" at https://hi.switchy.io/2ndebook For list of our eBooks, please have a look at https://leadsbait.com/ebook
@maximabramchuk @charan_kumar4 also there is nothing special, we all know the benefits of facebook group, I don't think it's worthy to read, I'm sorry..
@amandip_singh I can understand it's basic stuff with what we have written, As you can see in our website we have 3 more ebooks lined up https://leadsbait.com/ebook We have designed our structure in such a way that it goes from beginner to advanced. We didn't want to make our guide too advanced from the beginning itself.
Sorry man, but I can't see any valuable info in the PDF. Just common things. Also, I do not agree that every business should have its own FB group. I prefer blog in combination with a mailing list. That's your and nobody can steal it from you. FB group runs on FB and depends on FB.
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@csaba_kissi I totally agree with you that all businesses don't require Facebook Group and also as a marketer I also believe that content is no longer king, the community is the king and content is required to engage that community.
@csaba_kissi As a creator we wouldn't have more control over Facebook Group but on Facebook platform groups are the only product which receive 28.3% engagement rate. For any others who want to control their users completely I suggest using Mighty Networks (https://www.mightynetworks.com/) SAAS tool for your customers/fans.
No matter which niche your business belongs, every online business should have a Facebook Group to maximize its reach and create loyal fans for your brand. Join our 30K+ Facebook Marketing Masterminds Group: https://bit.ly/2XxEJ5K After you read our guide you will be well versed with the following topics: 1. When to use Facebook Groups for your business. 2. What are the must-follow steps when you are creating your Facebook Group. 3. Main benefits of Facebook Groups that no one talks about. For more details check out our website leadsbait.com