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The 80/20 Principle for Building a 7-figure Saas Business



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Eric Siu — CEO, Single Grain
Hey PHers,

Today we’re talking with Steli Efti (@steli), founder of – a sales software platform that has communication at its core.

He’s got an inspiring story that started out with buying a one-way plane ticket from Europe to Silicon Valley, and his insights on sheer hustle and fighting to make things happen.

Steli started a few small businesses in Europe that did well, but then heard the call of tech-based Silicon Valley loud and clear. Eight years ago, he decided to sell everything and buy a one-way ticket to San Francisco to build a tech startup.

His first business totally flopped. But with a few pivots, his second business is what eventually morphed into the incredible success,
Ramin — marketing,
@ericosiu @steli awesome episode! :)
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