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#3 Product of the DayNovember 11, 2014
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Awesome hacks shared today: - Using Facial Recognition Technology to Segment Your Email List" by @fighto - PayPal’s Ubiquity Illusion: Bots Buy Products & Demand" by @rebeccall80 Thanks a lot to the Product Hunt community for the fun and great feedback!
Hi Product hunters! Feel free to ask any questions, the maker of this product is @BriodF
Thanks @SkyWiiz @BriodF I'm fascinated. How do you plan to grow the content-base on the website right now? Also, from a UX standpoint, you might want to make the "Connect with Twitter" and "Connect with Facebook" buttons much larger, I almost missed it here:
@BriodF I'll state/ask the obvious thing: In all honesty, has all the worthwhile content you may ever have & a highly engaged community (including experts). What value would I find on this site over GH - which is already a habit? Edit: Also, there's a similar effort with: So again, just wondering what value a user might find in yet another curation when content is not likely to be a differentiator?
@SkyWiiz Thanks! As a fellow Growth Hacker, I have been accumulating tons of great ressource from blog posts to growth hack case studies over time. I decided to build a website to share it with anyone in the community and let it be open (creative common and crowdsourced). Don't hesitate to share, comment and submit your own links, blogs, case studies and videos about this trending topic.
@narekk I am trying to boost crowdsourced submissions: But I am also looking to syndicate the content with other blogs/lists and do the additionnal effort to index them (tagging, categories). Thanks for the input: that is a real MVP (built with wordpress and plugins in less than 3 hours). There are limits to the model and you are right! Thanks a lot for the feedback!
@AnujAdhiya thanks for the feedback! I am a big fan and member of I just feel it's the place where you go for discussion and experts' advices. What if I am struggling with a retention problem and I want to get the big picture of the actual state of the art in the industry? At Growth.Digital, I put a lot of emphasis on indexability (tagging, categories, Algolia search is next...) and to include all the ressources types (growth hacks, case studies, videos, blog posts...). This is where I think this side project provides value. Does it make sense?
love this. thanks for sharing. will do a deep dive this wk.
@benhoffman_ thanks Benjamin! Don't hesitate to share your feedback:
Hey @BriodF, Well done. One of the students in our email course sent this to me. I wouldn't listen to the critics who say "this is already being done at X ..." The simple fact is that "get customers" is the #1 hardest challenge any entrepreneur is having. We live in an era where starting a business is easier than ever and getting customers is harder than ever. There is so much demand for ANY help on this topic right now is great. Here are a couple of themes I'm seeing after working with 1,000+ entrepreneurs who have taken our course. If you could help contribute to them I think you will be making a big difference, more so than the latest hack: 1. NOT HAVING A FOCUS: Trying to do growth hacking without knowing who you're trying to reach or why is a huge waste of time. You'll just run around getting users ... downloads ... whatever. You'll feel like you're making progress but then will struggle to get any kind of engagement (or learn anything). Start narrow, you can expand later. 2. Trying to SCALE TOO SOON: Most entrepreneurs try to do PR, content marketing, SMM, SEM ... whatever, before they have a clear message and customers. It is faster and easier to just focus on building relationships and helping people at first. 3. NOT THINKING LONG TERM. Unfortunately too many people are looking for an instant silver bullet, so magical elixir to get them hordes of people instantly. It doesn't exist, and the people who like like instant successes have usually spent a very long time it it. Gabriel Weinberg and Justin Mares do a good job of this point in Traction. Anyway, sorry for writing much more than I planned. If you haven't talked to Shane Walker yet, definitely do so: He is one of the best minds on this topic and helps entrepreneurs do growth hacking over 30 min calls. Brent is great too: Both will help you (or anyone out). Finally ... I teach a free email course on this topic. It isn't one of those shitty ones that fill up your inbox, I'll actually respond. :-) I teach people how to start - by investing in relationships, ala Gary Vaynerchuk style. Get your first 100 Customers by Being Helpful: