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AI-powered sales prospecting


Growbots helps salespeople optimize their work by automating non-value-adding activities like prospecting and email outreach giving them more time to focus on revenue generation.

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Founder @ Speedlancer.com & more

Fantastic platform, no other platform as fully featured as Growbots


Fully featured


Can't solve sales for you. You must be willing to test to succeed!

CEO @Survicate - CX software

We use it for generating a list of companies and prospects to target with sales and marketing activities. A must have.


All in one - prospecting and email automation under one roof; reliable and proven data, super easy to use, filtering by tech a game changer


Nothing so far.

Key Account Manager in StartQuestion.com

We used it to reach out to some prospects and spread the word about our startup.


Great software, awesome team!


GDPR has built some tension in some areas of the world...

Video Editor from Orlando, FL

We were looking into Growbots at our company for use within our consulting branch. After setting up a meeting and joining a call with one of their representatives, it was quickly shut down because the salesperson learned I work in video. He was apparently looking for C-level employees that make important buying decisions (of whom, I report to, and was planning on bringing my notes from the intended meeting)

Once the initial meeting fell through, I was contacted by another member of their team apologizing and wanting to reconcile by setting up a follow-up call. We set that up and were prepped for a call yesterday at 12:00.

I had joined the call at 11:58a, and waited..

...and waited..

..and waited...

Once 20 minutes had passed in the empty zoom.us call lobby, I left. And that was them sealing their grave.

We have at least 3 companies that have potential to use Growbots, but they missed their chance for us to use them by ignoring our requests and follow-ups.

Was really looking forward to using them, but they have since left me with a terrible first impression and you can bet that I won't recommend them to anybody that asks about them.


Wouldn't know


Unresponsive Staff/Customer support