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Grover Go

Pay as you go scooter subscription available in Germany 🇩🇪


With GroverGo, customers can rent the Xiaomi e-Scooter Mijia M365 for €49.90 per month and have access to a rental scooter of their own for a fraction of the cost of buying.

Would you recommend this product?

It's really great for smaller towns and the less central areas of cities!


Ride any time, take with you any where and cancel any time.


German regulations need to catch up to the product.

Product and brand designer in Berlin.

Scoot scoot!


You get a scooter without paying a full price for it! Price is pretty fair — about the same price as 20 rides with another scooter startup.


It's a liiiitle bit expensive if you're more of a casual rider.

Director of mimosa agency

I think this is a great way to get by in Berlin specially if you mix it with public transportation. Historically, things have been super easy to return as well, so you can just stop the subscription any time.


I been a customer of Grover from their other offerings. I know the service level will simply be better than the rest.


Generally a bit pricier if you don't use the things too much, but in my case hasn't been an issue since I use their stuff a lot!