Grove Junior

Programmable Magnetic Electronic Blocks

Grove Junior is a platform of electronic modules that make STEAM learning simple, practical and enjoyable. From the easy snap-and-play with magnets, to the block-based programming, Grove Junior comes with intriguing and educational projects to help kids learn 21st century skills, foster creativity, and develop their critical thinking step by step.

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Kris WilliamsHere for Products ! Hear about TAXO'D ?
This is awesome ! What's offered in Rover kit altogether ?
Yang Wang
Co-founder of MOFT
@taxodapp The Rover kit includes 5 modules(main-board, color line follower, chassis, battery, RGB LED Matrix) and extra accessories, you can snap them together and create a cool car in a few minutes.
TiantianMedia Reporter
I had seen and tried this product at the maker faire show. It's very interesting. you can build many gadgets like robot, car by simply snapping this modules together.