Kinder dating for Valentine’s Day. Start real relationships.


Grove is a different kind of dating and relationship app. Many apps have turned dating into a popularity and looks only contest. We believe in a kinder way to date. Inspired by 'The Voice,' Grove highlights your bio and interest before showing photos. Grove's community features affordable local events and dating advice developed by researchers.

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Peyrameshwar Naz
Concepts Mecha
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  • Peyrameshwar Naz
    Peyrameshwar NazCEO Power Drone

    I love the whole "swipe up to reveal". I actually got a match already and i think its the way they make your profile special for someone


    They only give you 1 recommendation a day. This isnt the end of the world tho, i do perceive the "like back" rate is higher than other apps

    Ive been using this in the SF Area and looks like there are a lot of people here, not sure about other cities. The grove stories are gorgeous. Really cool app overall and good execution of a new concept.

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    Not much


    Since i have not used it soo much the only thing I can say is it is awesome

    It's amazing

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    Very good

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