Groupie Stick

The perfect tool to take epic group photos

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How can I resist a hot pink groupie stick! I'm buying one now. :-) @graybright tell us about a groupie stick vs. a selfie stick!
@graybright @corleyh I too am wondering the difference between this and a selfie stick!
Came here expecting a product built specifically for Ryan Hoover Groupies. Leaving disappointed. ;) cc @rrhoover @liveink @mackflavelle
@rrhoover @liveink @mackflavelle @Playerize ---- Came here looking for replies, discovered next billion dollar idea. Trademarked everything "ryansgroupies", rolling in bank!
@rrhoover @liveink @mackflavelle @dshan I came here expecting a sign of the apocalypse and found it.
'The Perfect Tool to take EPIC Group Shots'. Hey PH - we're giving you 20% off the best sticks in the market - with Bluetooth connectivity, carry pouch and available in 4 colours, we hope you enjoy #groupiestick. Check out the website as well (don't forget to allow camera access). Happy to answer any questions too. Gray
All too often the selfie stick sold in stores is just an extendable pole with phone holder, requiring a timer on your phone to take the shot. We've added a bluetooth shutter button so you can take photo after photo, capturing the perfect group moment! During a group shot (when no random person available to take the photo) someone always misses out as they have to take the shot - this tool means you can always get everyone appearing in the photo. It's not about #seflies, it's about #groupies. Check the bottom of our webpage for some #groupie examples.
Love this product! Use my #groupiestick all the time