From reflecting on the past to planning for the future, from getting productive to managing goals, from forming habits to practicing mindfulness. Grid Diary brings you the simplest yet most effective method of keeping a diary.
Now available for Android.
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Hey Product Hunt 👋, I’m Kevin, founder of Grid Diary. We are excited to share that Grid Diary is now available for Android! Grid Diary 2 came from an app I created 7 years ago for myself. In the past few years, we were ecstatic to see more and more people start to keep a diary with the help of it. Since its very first day, the Android version has been the #1 request from our users. Today, it’s finally here! Witnessing our users' growth, we are inspired to make Grid Diary grow with them. Designed for the people who consider diary as a life-long habit, Grid Diary is dedicated to becoming the best partner of the practitioners who will never stop on the path of self-growth. ✨ Get it from Google Play or our official website ( and try these exclusive features out: Unique grid format: break down the complex life into small topics Guided journaling: answer questions and discover your deeper inside Multiple dimensions of Day/ Week/ Month/ Year: achieve your goals step by step Customizable prompt/ template: create your own diary system ✨ What's Next: Passcode Automatic database backup Homepage widgets (memories, calendar, events) Reminder Color themes Export to Evernote …... ✨ About Mac version: Grid Diary’s Mac version is another most popular request besides Android. As a small team of only three people, the development is harder than we expected. So we don’t have an exact release time yet. But if Android comes, can the Mac version be far behind? Help us explore how far diaries can lead us! Thanks again and please let us know your thoughts.
I've been using Grid Diary in iOS for several years. it's designed in a smart way that helps me keep a dairy in an organized way. instead of writing a diary from scratch, I just need to answer some specific questions. more interestingly, I can review the answer changes day by day, and ultimately achieve my goal with the help of this cute tool. it's glad to see it now launches on android, well done!
Great! I wait it so long!
Hey @kyoji2, this sounds really cool. Definitely gonna try it out!
Want to try it out, thanks for sharing!
@veronika_rovnik Thank you so much for your support, Veronika!