Trade US stocks from India with zero commission trades

Today, Indians pay ₹500+ in commissions with high minimum deposits to trade U.S. stocks through traditional brokerages. GreenTiger enables every Indian with a smartphone to invest with zero commission trades + fractional shares.
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Amazing... commission-free stock trading is going to be a big win for India on all fronts!
@akash_levy that's what we hope so too :)
This is so simple, yet so useful. I love it! Would recommend! As an Indian, who's lived in the US, it's so important to have access to investment options in US securities, and a diverse portfolio.
@abhiroop_cvk Thanks Abhi!
@prateek_swain1 Awesome work! Any thought on which stocks will be / have been most traded in?
@spencer_burleigh Thanks Spencer! We've definitely heard a lot of demand for Apple in particular, FAANG and a few other blue chip stocks :)
Very convenient and brilliant idea! Can't wait to see this make it big!
It’s simple and useful. Buying US securities from India is something I’ve wanted to do. Exciting times!
@vbmach Thank you :)
Love the idea but I guess one quick question: Why would Indians want to invest in American stocks?
@karina_rodriguez Thank you Karina! The S&P 500 outperforms the NIFTY on average year/year (12% v 8%) + USD is a less volatile currency. Enabling access to U.S. markets will allow Indian investors to diversify their portfolios and take advantage of the steady growth potential in U.S. markets :)
This is super! Investing in US stocks, and that too with zero commission trades is going to be a game changer. I'm on the waitlist!
Its amazingly brilliant! Looking forward to an easy and simplified way to trade
@ipsita_swain Thanks mom :) This started because of you, so now I'm excited to finally have an account for you hehe
@ipsita_swain Thank you so much Mrs. Swain! :)
This looks awesome, congratulations on the launch! It seems you’re really filling a need with this product.
@kasia_kalinowska Thank you Kasia! We really hope so too :)
A genius product that has the potential to be huge! This could easily be the solution to many Indian Investment obstacles. A better way to invest in the US trade market!
Looking forward to but need a bit time and more information
@yuvaraj Hey there Yuvaraj, please let us know if you have any questions!
The less scary alternative is spot on! Financial literacy is such a market gap. Good job!
@nadja_vital Thank you Nadja! Hope to see you on the app soon!
This is really cool, zero commission trades through an exceptionally well made app, you really can't ask for much more.
@kevin_nagar Thank you Kevin! Hope to see you on the app soon :)
Awesome, I'm a target user for sure, and I know many others as well. All the best!