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#1 Product of the DayOctober 20, 2019
Greenboard is a gatsby theme written in React and sass which generated api documentation from a markdown file. Greenboard is similar to slate docs but comes with additional customization, dark mode, efficient search, responsive etc.
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Hi Hunters, This is my first product in product hunt and I am really excited to release it. Greenboard is not just a Gatsby theme but a full starter pack for your api documentation. It comes will a lot of features like dark mode, easy customisation etc. and also new features can be added easily with javascript. The code highlighting used by Greenboard is prism.js, there are plenty of themes available for prism and all those themes can be easily integrated to greenboard. As greenboard comes as a theme of Gatsby it has all the features Gatsby has. It is just a starting and I need some valuable suggestions to improve it so that it would be helpful for someone looking to write their API documentation in Gatsby.
Clean AF. Great job!
Really good job on this one!
@leo_woods Thank you so much.
Wow, I'm super impressed! This will save me so much time on my API docs. Do you have plans for a way to host or link to SDKs? Also, how does Greenboard work for GraphQL API docs?
@tela This was just a starting, I am really excited. I will work to add more features. Currently it generates docs from a markdown file so you can add your GraphQL nodes and queries in it. If you need some help you can contact me on my email
Great! How do you generate search indexes and what engine is used for it?
@vladkorobov I use js-search for indexing the text in the docs. But it is customizable and services like algolia can be easily integrated.