GreenBites 2.0

A smart food app powered by A.I.

With the extended stay-at-home orders & surplus food at home, many are looking to spice up their recipes. And, so are we! Introducing AI recipes. Just take a picture of your ingredients, set your dietary preferences & get personalized recipes!
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Bruh, what happend to the design?
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200+ upvotes, no comments. Slow down your bots :D
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@th3luck and it's counting man. hope they'll get dislikes here..
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@th3luck While you are at it, tell that to Mr. Musk too. :)
Hi @sekhar_chandra Thanks for your product! I've tested it and saw some bugs :) My experiment: Briefly: 1. Problems with performance and speed. Server? 2. Text recognition, but not the food :) Hope you will modify your product soon, good luck!
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@raman_volkau Thanks for taking it for a spin! The app does food detection as well as text. The food detection model isn't perfect yet. And, all the heavy-lifting is done on the server. We hope to fix the issues you'd seen in the our next release.
Leaving aside logos and designs that need improvement, in providing the required features is very good. Even I can look for recipes from foods that are not English.
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Hey all, excited to announce GreenBites 2.0 - our FREE, all-in-one, smart food app! About a year ago, we set out to build a complete mobile platform to help people manage all things food. Thanks to our incredible team and user community, we are slowly inching towards that vision. We have some exciting features in this release. With GreenBites 2.0, you get ... 🍲 PERSONALIZED RECIPES & BUILT-IN CALORIE LOGGING: Set your dietary preferences. Take a picture of ingredients at home and get personalized recipe suggestions! 1 million+ recipes covering global cuisines. And, you can even log your recipe calories with a single tap. πŸ“š IMPORTANT FOOD INFORMATION and ALERTS: Detailed information for 1 million+ food items and recipes at your fingertips! Access important food information with ingredient watchlists and food recalls. πŸ‘₯ REAL-TIME COLLABORATION: Invite your family members to collaborate on food - whether it's managing food at home, grocery or recipe lists. πŸ“‰ SMART KITCHEN TRACKER: Add your food items to the app. Get integrated smart recalls, ingredient alerts, smart grocery lists, & smart tips for your food items at home! πŸ”” SMART RECALLS, TIPS & TIMERS: Add your food items to the app. And, get notified if there's a food recall for them - including pet food recalls. Get food waste tips for your food. And, add timers to be notified of your expiring food. πŸ“Έ RECEIPT & BARCODE SCANNING: Adding items is easy. Just scan your last grocery receipt or scan barcodes. & MORE! Let us know if you have any questions or comments. Thanks!
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I wonder if UI is uglyfied or just ugly πŸ€” No offence intended, I like the idea.
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@kubajeziorny None taken. Some like it, some don't. And, that's ok. :)
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