Jonas Goth
@gothen · UI/UX Designer
Like the idea a lot! But Why would you purposely stretch the designs from 2012 and back? Honestly a pity. Would be an awesome detail if the iPhone frame around the design changed in context of latest released iPhone. So designs from 2008-2009 would use the iPhone 3G frame, designs from 2010-2011 the iPhone 4 and etc.
Kamal Kant Kosariya
@kkkosariya · Co-founder AppLaunchpad
Yes @gothen, you are correct. In fact our initial thought of building this website was to change iPhone frames too with screenshots, along the year. But we wanted to keep the website simple & keep the complete focus just on app screenshots & not on iPhone frames. So we kept a symmetrical iPhone frame for all the screenshots. But still will keep your feedback noted & see if we can find a better way to display. 👍
Jonas Goth
@gothen · UI/UX Designer
@kkkosariya Good point. Though i would say with certainty that stretching and distorting the actual design only to fit these frames is even more noisy and confusing. 🙂 Just use the exact same iPhone frame only with a 960px height.
christopher lake
@chhhris · paterfamilias
@gothen @kkkosariya both good points - altho the iPhone frame is done very nicely and minimally so imo you don't have to worry about varying sizes distracting from the apps. And +1 stretching the app's design to one-size-fits-all does not serve your purpose.
Neetu Singh
@neetusingh1791 · Co-founder of AppLaunchpad
@gothen we have noted it down. And we would try to come up with a good solution and would definitely let you know.
Jamie Perkins
@inorganik · Founder, tung
@kkkosariya @gothen You should be able to use CSS so that the minimal phone shape around the screenshot adapts to the height of the image (no js needed.)