Grav 1.0

Modern open source flat-file CMS to build faster websites

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I'll definitely use it for my next side project! I've also heard that the support and the community is really active, which is a good point for a flat CMS tool...
@bdauton Grav's forum and Gitter room communities are one of the things we're really proud of. Waiting you there :)
Looks like fun! Maybe I'll finally build a site for myself.
@rhuk forgive my ignorance but how are "flat-file" CMS systems different than static site generators?
@allnick Static file generators allow you to generate static HTML 'offline' and then you can upload or sync those static HTML pages to your site. The limitation is that you can't do anything 'dynamic', like query data, process forms, edit content via an admin interface, change configuration options. anything random, etc. You are limited to what you can do with JavaScript so that logic and processing is handled on the client. Grav is not generated, it's processed at runtime (while being highly optimized and crazy fast) so that you can do all the same kinds of things you could do with WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla. It's a powerful web development platform that you can solve complex problems with. Really it gives you options and flexibility when a static website is too limiting.
@rhuk @allnick so are you saying it's a hybrid? It's a dynamic hosted CMS that outputs static files?
@allnick no it's not static, it just uses files to store the data. It has all the benefits of a traditional CMS with the speed and portability of a static site, but it does need PHP 5.4+ to run. Hope that answers your question :)
@rhuk @allnick So it's a dynamic CMS that stores data in the file-system instead of in a database? how is that better?
@davegri @allnick for example, you can deploy with a simple `git pull`, or a FTP upload, and every complexity introduced by having a database is avoided. Starting with just having to *think* about 2 completely different levels (files and database).
Awesome design and documentation. Will take a look to the code, but honestly congrats!
Seems inspired by the awesome Kirby but builds on that concept with some new and exciting features that are sure to excite any audience.
@itsnblackburn There are lots of great flat-file CMSes out there, Kirby and Statamic included. But Grav is an open source alternative and we have put a lot of effort into encouraging community involvement to provide functionality that people really need.
@rhuk @itsnblackburn I have been playing around with the internals since yesterday and have to say i am impressed with how well built it is. I was able to tweak some of the user functionality to allow for user collections and removing users without passing a username.