Simple, private and colorful gratitude journal app


"Be thankful for what you have; you'll end up having more." - Oprah Winfrey

Gratitude is your personal journal where you can write about things that you are grateful for.

😊 Your Personal Journal

✏️ Write about things that you are grateful for

☮️ Focus on the good in your life

😇 Become more mindful

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I feel like the main view is too crowded. The logo and text at the top are extraneous, "new entry" at the bottom right could be replaced with a plus button or something, that'd be intuitive. "Check out your streaks" is also distracting.

Plus, "new entry" color is different from gratitude logo color, what's that about?

Not trying to be nit-picky, it just really blew me off and I think it may other users, so I hope you'll solve these issues in the updated version.


Multiple reminders are great for such an app.


The UI isn't very good.

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Hi Yan! Thanks for your feedback. These are some amazing pointers. We are experimenting with the placement of the streaks and getting some initial feedback. So this is helpful. I agree the new entry could be replaced by a plus button and the colour mismatch - adding this to my list of to-do's.
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I use this app. Best things about this app is that in the world where everyone is trying to go social and pushing you to share your life with the world... they are personal. I am free to share what makes me happy and choose to keep it to myself or share it with my friends.


Personal and Private. Colourful. Simple to use. Makes me happy.


Can't post videos

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Thanks for your review, Ankit! Yes, videos are currently unsupported in the app. This is something we still need to evaluate in terms of product fit + engg dev cost.

Been using the app for a while and it does a great job at helping me note down things i’m grateful about. Also the regular updates on theot instagram page are very engaging and right on point!


Does one thing.. right! Uncluttered, clear and great UX for noting down things we are grateful about everyday.


Cant upload videos

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Thank you so much for creating this great app. I use it daily and keeps me positive. Love from Nigeria


Easy to use, Great practise, Reminders, Colourful



Thanks Yeside for this amazing feedback and support! 😃

Highly recommended. It takes adjusts my attitude towards daily events.


Fantastic app! Well worth your time.


There are no cons.

Great app. Using it regularly. Supports me to hold on, take a breath and enjoy life more!


Simple to use.



It has helped me enormously through a difficult 18 months following the death of my son. The effort to think and write of 3 positive things daily has really improved my mood and supported me through my grief.


I love the daily remindersand positive quotes.


Can't think of any 😊

I always feel happy running through my colourful gratitude entries. Loving it. Grateful❤


Simple, colourful, user friendly, delightful, just awesome.



I love the app, I use it for quite sometime now, and would like to introduce it to my family (but they do not speak English)


Easy to use

I like the reminders

Love the color codes


Maybe a self set key for the colors

able to link to cloud - my gdrive (albums)

more language options

I absolutely love this app for the space and ambience it creates for happy journal ing. Also , the daily quotes are a big motivation factor for me because I check my phone first thing in the morning and 'Gratitude' is always the top notification.

Get's me going!


1. Simple and minimalistic

2. Pastel colours which are my absolute fav!

3. Can add pics and back-date entries



NONE at all

Overall, I love this app!


I love it's simplicity! The daily motivational quotes are really inspiring. I also love the feature of adding videos.


Can't think of any right now!

I use it as a daily journal, both with positive and negative experiences. It's a great way to keep track of your personal & professional growth.

Fit for the busy persons that have no time/patience for another app that steals their attention. It makes things more simple, rather than more burdening. Less is more. Always.

Great technical support from the team, when I had to restore entries from Android to iOS. Very pleasantly surprised by their professionalism and responsiveness.


Simple functions, clean design - fit for everyone

Inspiring quotes - a great way to start the day

You can review older entries easily


None, as far as I'm concerned.