We've officially launched out of beta! See https://www.producthunt.com/posts/gratify-3

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Gratify lets everyone be a project manager. The idea came about when our team was working on a healthcare project 3 years ago. We had database issues that were waayyy out of our expertise. We thought: "It would be nice to explain this problem to someone a lot better at (xyz) than us..and pay them to do it." We are freelancers ourselves and know the available platforms, but these services incur wasted time via browsing, searching and vetting. The quality of deliverable is also variable. Gratify is a closed community of vetted experts. GratifyGuy (our bot, built on Botkit🔥) is an insanely convenient conversational interface into this community. At scale, Gratify allows any team (or person) to tap into experts (of any technical domain) on-demand. We're currently invite-only, but the first 100 PH members will be invited this week!
Cool! Excited to get an invite.
@davesharp everyone who signed up yesterday has been invited! let me know if you haven't gotten it.