Hire and work with expert freelancers on-demand via Slack


Gratify is a combination of AI and humans to help you hire and work with vetted designers, developers and other experts from within your Slack workplace. Gratify minimizes the friction associated with finding technical experts for teams. Post a task, receive bids and negotiate with vetted experts all from within Slack!

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Chris Traganos
Meredith Schulz
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  • Alex Jacenko
    Alex JacenkoCEO,

    It is extremely simple and friendly compared to peers


    If you don't use Slack at all - that might be the only "con"

    You have an immediate access to hundreds of vetted experts by simply typing "new task" - and that's priceless when you need a job done, but don't have specific expertise or your local team is busy. I've tried to use Upwork and Fiverr for outsourcing small tasks before, but there's nothing to compare with Gratify, which just saves a lot of time and nerves

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  • Chris Traganos
    Chris TraganosVP of Product @

    Easy for me to find freelancers



    Intuitive chat interface that solves a real problem for me: I need creatives to help a project now! With Gratify, I'm able to quickly connect with available talent. Great work from an awesome product team.

    Chris Traganos has used this product for one year.
  • AChickAndAClick
    AChickAndAClickSoftware engineer

    Easy to use. Fast. Reliable.



    Dev and design services on demand using Slack.

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