Learning to be grateful, one text reminder at a time.

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Prajeeth Johnson
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    Very easy interface. I love it. Good Job. Thank you


    Still exploring

    Highly recommended. everyone have to be thankful to God for His mercy and awesome work He does in our lives every single day. Good site.

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Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Although very different, this reminds me of Call Frank, a service that calls you once a day and records an audio diary. It would be kind of cool if I could read what other people are thankful for, perhaps one stranger's message every morning as a "reward" for sharing mine.
Ram Gangisetty
Ram Gangisetty@ramgangisetty · EdTech Startup Co-Founder.
@rrhoover That was the thinking behind SoPraise- there are so many grateful moments happen between any two of us, if we can capture those grateful moments in an app and let others see and get inspired to do something nice to someone else pretty soon we will have a kinder world.
Jordan Jackson
Jordan Jackson@jordan_jackson
@rrhoover thats a interesting idea
Stephen Chen
Stephen Chen@petnostics · Founder, Petnostics
@rrhoover I like that idea! Similarly, it would be nice to be reminded of what you were grateful for a month ago on the same day.
tom meagher
tom meagherHunter@tomfme
Technology that fosters empathy is technology I root for :)
Gabriel Reynard
Gabriel Reynard@gabrielreynard · Business Lover ✌
Awesome product, I've signed up! There are many studies that say that people who are grateful have a better life ☺.
Eli David
Eli David@nomadiceli · CEO, StartupBlink
super cool idea! You have probably debated if your landing page should have more description about what exactly are the benefits of using the product and how exactly it works. I am missing on those a bit before i click on register. Did you do AB testing to validate this converts better? Keep up the great work on making people grateful of what they have :)
Jordan Crone
Jordan Crone@jordantheleast · Digital Designer and UX Enthusiast
Love the idea - reminds me of but with a more elegent interface